Private Security Training

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Active Shooter Training

More and more we see that workplace and public venue violence is increasing. All over the world this becomes more and more the choice of terror by extremists, disgruntled employees, and mentally unstable subjects.

This course is designed to provide the participant with the best practices on how to prevent and, if necessary, how to respond to an active shooter situation in the workplace or university setting.

This course covers readiness, response, and recovery from the corporate, college/university, and law enforcement perspectives.  It focuses on the behavior of active shooters and the pathway to violence.  It will also address threat assessment, dealing with the at-risk employee/student, and the impact of intimate partner violence at the workplace.

We also have "Corporate Crisis Management" courses specifically designed to manage an AS event.  Call for more details. This class requires a 10 student minimum. CALL 805.926.2054

Active Bomber

C6 has developed the most up to date tactical training geared to the public safety officer for dealing with an "Active Bomber" of "Active Threat" scenario. Very similar to the "Active Shooter", the bomber course covers tactics and the different dynamics involved in responding to an explosive situation.

The same instructors we use to teach our LE and Military clients put on this class. This course will present explosive recognition, response to IEDs, basic fundamentals of bomb making, IED Materials, etc. Due to the nature of the subject material all students will be vetted and "need to know" verification conducted.