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Quotes "AWESOME!" Just one of the ways to describe my recent experience with everyone. I'm so happy about my decision to attend the LOSS PREVENTION certification course! It was very informative as well as a lot of fun! Definately an investment in my future i am proud of! "THANKS GUYS!" : ) see you all soon, i'll be back for more........ Quotes
Alecia Brown

Quotes With military and professional customer service background, I thought I was equipped with the tools for an Executive Protection career. However, every lesson from the class was something new and taught me how to react appropriately to the situation.. The EP course is packed with great lessons that will build a foundation for you in the industry. Do not be discouraged if you don't have military or law enforcement experience. I found great inputs from different instructors, that have their own experience and techniques. The day long course flew by and ended with me wanting for more. Thank you for your professionalism and great class. Quotes
Michael Wang
EP Agent

Quotes These guys top quality instruction every time. After spending hours in the classroom AND on the range with their instructors, I can easily say everyone in the security field can benefit from a few classes with these guys. I've "been there, done that" for plenty of this stuff, but I learn more from these classes every time - that's awesome. If you're serious about working in this kind of environment, do yourself a favor and get to a few of their courses. Quotes
Peter Steeves
Fugitive Recovery Agent & Guardian Angels Trainer

Quotes "Thank you for your (executive protection) training our employee Mr. Jason Guillory. We have never seen such excitement displayed from him as he did when he returned back to the office at the end of the class..." Dr. Ruby Nelson-Carrol Employer Quotes
Dr. Ruby Nelson-Carrol

Quotes I recently attended the Loss Prevention course and was very inpressed. I was even more happy when on the second day I was hired by the instructor...thanks!" Quotes
Security Specialist

Quotes "Fugitive recovery was a blast this past friday and saturday and i know executive protection is going to be allot of fun... you guys at covered 6 are the best Quotes
Arron Herber

Quotes "I thought I was just going to get "signed off" on for training like the others...I was wrong. I got real training from professionals and now I plan to do more with C6" Thanks Quotes
A. Hoyos
Security Guard

Quotes I just wanted to take a moment and Thank You for the informative, relevant and applicable "Guard Card" certification class. It was worth the hours invested. The bonus is that we get to learn from a certified instructor who is also a police officer as well as an attorney. WOW - Triple real perspectives!!!!!! Quotes
A Steinfeld
Fitness Expert/EMT/EP Agent