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Firearms Training Simulator (F.O.S)

 C6 offers the latest in firearms training technology by providing a dedicated "Force Option" firearms simulator room and scenario machine. This is the same program used by numerous law enforcement and military organizations around the world.

C6 believes it is important for this technology to be available to the security guard and other professionals.  With over 700 scenarios to choose from, C6 instructors can challenge the student with a "high pressure virtual shootout" in complete safety. 

The Firearms Training Simulator also supports marksmanship and judgmental training for non-lethal options such as verbal commands, baton, chemical spray and TASER® in addition to hundreds of different firearm types. Judgmental training includes force escalation/de-escalation, use of force and shoot/no shoot.

The California Bureau of Security and the Department of Justice has approved this firearms simulator for firearm qualification and re-qualification. Now you can train rain or shine and get the certification you need to keep working. 

NOTE: C6 encourages officers to continue "live fire" training for proficient weapons handling and manipulation which can be arranged by appointment only. We also provide "tactical" training in our indoor facility.



C6 conducts "Force on Force" security training for armed guards, fugitive recovery agents, executive protection agents and armored car drivers.  This is the best tactical training available when it comes to getting serious about surviving an encounter with an armed suspect.  We use the latest in "Mil Sim" or "Airsoft" weaponry to achieve realism and induce stress. 

Ask about our private and group programs for this valuable and necessary training regiment. 

"Shooting paper is one thing, someone shooting back is another"